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Porta Potty Options & Accessories

There are multiple types of Porta Potties that are available for your project or event. Some of the different options include, Standard Porta Potties, ADA Porta Potties, Porta Potties with Handwash Stations Inside, and Separate Handwash Stations.

Standard Portable Toilets

ADA Portable Toilets

Deluxe Portable Toilets

Handwash Stations

The Process of ordering a porta potty is very simple , just give us a call and we will then go ahead and schedule the portable toilet for the soonest available date we have based on your needs, you and once you are done with the unit just give us a call to schedule the final pickup. Call us today to book your portable toilet rental.

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Service Benefits

Renting a Porta Potty is easy when you work with Prime Dumpster.

  • Fast & Friendly Service

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  • Multiple Options Available

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  • What is a Standard Porta Potty?

    Standard Porta Potties are the most simple option. The Standard Portable Toilets have a sit-down toilet and toilet paper. Some of them may also have a urinal or hand sanitizer station inside. Standard Porta Potties measure approximately 90 inches tall x 45 inches deep, and 45 inches wide.

  • What is a ADA Porta Potty?

    The ADA Portable Toilet is engineered to be fully compliant with the ADA standards. The ADA Units are designed to accommodate a full size wheel chair.

  • What is a Deluxe Porta Potty?

    A Deluxe or Premium Porta Potty is a step up from the Standard Porta Potty and includes a handwash station inside the unit.

  • What is a Handwash Station?

    The Portable hand wash stations are self-contained with fresh water, a soap dispenser, soap, paper towels, and an internal grey water tank. Handwash stations are great for construction sites and events.

Standard Portable Toilet

ADA Portable Toilet

Deluxe Portable Toilet

Flushable Portable Toilet

Handwash Station

*Products may vary, images are for illustration purposes only and may not be an exact representation of the product you will receive.

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