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    Portable Toilet Rentals

    If you are having a party, festival, or event, portable restroom rental is a necessity. Not only do they provide a sanitary environment for your event, but they can make or break the experience for your participants or guests. From casual to chic, we offer a large variety of solutions for your porta potty rental needs.

    If you’re looking for something casual, we offer standard event units that include the bare necessities for your guests. For something that will help your attendees have a time to remember, you can rent deluxe event units that include sinks so everyone stays safe and healthy while enjoying your event. Create an all inclusive experience, and provide ADA compliant portable toilets.

    In addition, we also offer stationary handwash stations, and more. Unsure of your exact needs? That’s no problem. Our knowledgeable staff is at the ready to help you decide what the best potty john rental for your event is.

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    Renting a Dumpster is easy when you work with Prime Dumpster.

    Event Portable Toilet Rentals

    Prime Dumpster Incorporated is well-equipped to provide event portable toilet rentals. Our team of experts will work with you to determine the ideal number and types of portable toilets required for your event. Whether you’re hosting a music festival, outdoor wedding, sports event, or corporate gathering, we have the perfect porta potty solutions to meet your specific needs.

    Our renting process is straightforward:


    1. Contact Us: Get in touch with Prime Dumpster Incorporated to discuss your event’s details and requirements. Our customer service team will guide you through the rental process and help you determine the best units for your event.

    2. Choose Your Units: Select from our wide range of porta potty options, including standard, luxury, and ADA compliant units. You can also choose to include handwashing stations to ensure hygiene.

    3. Delivery and Setup: We’ll arrange the delivery and setup of your chosen portable toilets at your event location, ensuring that they are placed conveniently for your guests or workers.

    4. Removal: After your event concludes, we’ll promptly remove the portable toilets and ensure proper disposal of waste.
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    Event Porta Potty Types

    When it comes to porta potty rentals, it’s essential to select the right type to ensure the comfort and satisfaction of your guests or workers. Prime Dumpster Incorporated offers several types of porta potties:

    1. Standard Porta Potties

    Our standard porta potties are the go-to choice for most events and construction projects. These units are cost-effective, easy to install, and provide essential sanitation facilities. They come equipped with a toilet and a urinal, along with proper ventilation to minimize odors.

    2. Luxury Porta Potties

    For events that demand a touch of elegance and additional comfort, our luxury porta potties are the ideal choice. These units are well-appointed with features like flushable toilets, sinks, and interior lighting. They offer a more pleasant and upscale experience for your guests.

    3. ADA Compliant Porta Potties

    Ensuring accessibility for everyone at your event or construction site is crucial. Our ADA compliant porta potties are designed to accommodate individuals with disabilities, providing spacious interiors and easy wheelchair access. These units meet all legal requirements, making them a great choice for inclusive events.

    4. Handwashing Stations

    Maintaining proper hygiene is vital, especially in crowded settings. Our handwashing stations are an excellent addition to your porta potty setup, as they offer a convenient way for attendees or workers to clean their hands. These units come equipped with soap and water, promoting good hygiene practices.

    Types of Events Porta Potties Are Perfect For

    Porta potties are versatile and can be a valuable addition to various types of events, ensuring the comfort and convenience of your attendees. Here are some of the events that benefit from event porta potties:

    1. Outdoor Festivals and Concerts

    When hosting outdoor music festivals, concerts, or cultural events, the presence of porta potties is essential. Attendees can enjoy the event without worrying about restroom facilities, and it helps maintain a clean and hygienic atmosphere throughout the festivities.

    2. Weddings and Receptions

    Outdoor weddings and receptions often take place in scenic locations where restroom facilities are not readily available. Luxury porta potties provide a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing option for guests. They offer a touch of sophistication while maintaining the ambiance of the event.

    3. Sporting Events

    Sports events, whether it’s a local soccer game or a major tournament, draw large crowds. Porta potties ensure that spectators and athletes have easy access to restrooms, helping to keep the event enjoyable and organized.

    4. Corporate Gatherings

    Business conferences, seminars, and corporate gatherings held in outdoor venues or temporary settings require adequate restroom facilities. Portable toilets offer a cost-effective and convenient solution, allowing professionals to focus on the event’s content.

    5. Community and Charity Events

    Community events, such as fairs, fundraisers, and charity runs, often rely on portable toilets to serve the needs of attendees. These events may not have access to traditional facilities, making porta potties a practical choice.

    6. Construction Sites

    Porta potties are a staple at construction sites. They offer workers a convenient place to relieve themselves without disrupting their work. Having portable toilets on-site promotes productivity and keeps job sites organized.

    7. Agricultural and Farm Events

    Agricultural fairs, farm expos, and livestock shows are frequent occurrences in rural areas. Providing clean and accessible portable toilets ensures that both exhibitors and attendees can enjoy these events without any inconvenience.

    8. Outdoor Recreational Activities

    Camping trips, hiking adventures, and outdoor recreational activities often take place far from traditional restroom facilities. Portable toilets are indispensable in these scenarios, ensuring that nature enthusiasts can enjoy their outdoor experiences with minimal impact on the environment.

    9. Film and TV Production Sets

    Film and television production crews working in remote locations or on outdoor sets rely on porta potties to meet the crew’s restroom needs. These units keep the production on schedule without requiring the crew to travel long distances to find a restroom.

    10. Seasonal and Holiday Celebrations

    Events like Fourth of July fireworks displays, Christmas tree lighting ceremonies, and seasonal markets often draw large crowds. Portable toilets are crucial for these celebrations, ensuring that visitors have a comfortable and convenient experience.

    These are just a few examples of the types of events where porta potties come in handy. Prime Dumpster Incorporated offers a wide range of porta potty options, allowing you to select the units that best suit your event’s specific needs and create a positive and memorable experience for your attendees or workers.



    Yes, when you are finished using the unit, give us a call or send us an email so we can schedule the final pickup of the unit.

    Yes our friendly & knowledgeable staff can help you determine what options would be best to suit your project needs.

    Renting a portable toilet, commonly referred to as a porta potty, is something you should think about if you’re organizing an event. Having a portable toilet on-site may provide several advantages and assure the comfort and convenience of your guests.

    One of the primary benefits of renting portable toilets for your event is that it gives your visitors a clean and safe location to use the restroom. This is crucial for big events when there may not be enough inside restrooms for everyone. Moreover, hand sanitizer and other hygiene supplies are provided in portable restrooms, which may aid in limiting the transmission of germs and disease.

    The ability to save money is another another advantage of renting porta potties for your event. You may have to spend more to hire larger facilities or have them cleaned professionally if the location where your event will be held does not have enough indoor bathrooms to suit your visitors. On the other hand, a portable toilet is a reasonable option that will ultimately cost less.

    Portable toilets may help you save time and effort in addition to money. Having a portable toilet on site can provide your visitors a handy spot to use the restroom if your event is taking place in a rural region or a place without easy access to indoor restrooms. Long waits and queues might frustrate your visitors and perhaps interrupt the flow of your event. Potty Johns can assist to avoid such things.

    Environmental friendliness is another great advantage of portable restrooms for rent. To reduce their negative effects on the environment, a lot of portable toilet providers employ waste disposal techniques and cleaning supplies that are ecologically friendly. This might be crucial for occasions that emphasize environmental responsibility or sustainability.

    Portable restrooms provide more than just utilitarian advantages; they may also give a luxurious touch to any gathering. Standard portable toilets, VIP portable toilets, and even portable bathrooms with air conditioning are all available options. By doing this, you can make sure that everyone who attends your event is at ease and having a good time.

    Give us a call today so we can help you find the right waste & sanitation solution for your project!