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Request a Porta Potty Donation

Prime Dumpster is dedicated to uplifting our community by providing portable toilet donations, supporting local charities and non-profit organizations in their vital work. This initiative helps us all maintain and enhance the spaces we hold dear.

Apply For a Portable Toilet Donation.

Our unwavering support for local projects has been crucial in fostering positive change and growth. Here are some remarkable examples of the diverse projects that have thrived with the help of portable toilet donations:

Housing Projects and Home Renovations

By supplying portable toilets for housing projects and home renovations, we assist in building and improving homes for those in need. This effort addresses immediate housing needs and promotes stability and security within the community.


Support for Charity Events

We provide essential sanitation services for charity events through portable toilet donations. Our contributions simplify event management for fundraisers, galas, and community service projects, allowing organizations to focus on their mission and maximize their impact.


Community Improvement Initiatives

From transforming vacant lots to upgrading infrastructure and beautifying public spaces, our donations help communities enhance their surroundings, fostering pride and unity among residents.


Emergency Relief Assistance

Our portable toilet donations support disaster recovery efforts by providing necessary sanitation facilities during hurricanes, floods, or wildfires, ensuring hygiene and comfort for volunteers and affected communities. This assistance accelerates recovery, helping areas bounce back quickly while reducing health risks.

Urban Renewal Projects

We support urban renewal projects addressing metropolitan challenges. Whether repurposing abandoned spaces or implementing sustainable development practices, our portable toilet donations are vital for these transformative initiatives.

Contact Prime Dumpster today to see if you qualify for a porta potty donation.

Is Your Project Eligible for a Portable Toilet Donation?

Are you a nonprofit organization aiming to make a significant impact in your community? Enhance your project with a free portable toilet donation. To apply, simply fill out our form with detailed information about your initiative and how a portable toilet could assist.

Please note, our donation program is designed to support community projects. We encourage applications that clearly benefit the community rather than personal projects.

For the safety and health of our communities, we require proper placement and usage of our porta potties. Ensure that your project site follows our guidelines for optimal positioning and maintenance.

Due to high demand for our donation program, we can't guarantee a portable toilet for every application. We appreciate your enthusiasm and ask for your patience as we review requests. Allow us 2-3 business days to respond—we prioritize your projects and look forward to seeing how we can help!

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