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Temporary Fencing

If you have a construction project that you need to fence off, we have multiple options for temporary fencing. There are multiple benefits to temporary fencing, if you need a fencing solution for your project, give us a call.

Increase Safety

Preventative Security

Whether you need the fencing for an event or a construction site, we've got you covered for all your temporary fencing needs. Our Knowledgeable staff can walk you through our options and get you the best solution for your needs.

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Service Benefits

Renting a Temporary Fence is easy when you work with Prime Dumpster.

  • Fast & Friendly Service

  • Knowledgeable Staff

  • Multiple Options Available*

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  • Are these suitable for construction sites?

    Yes our temporary fencing solutions are perfect for construction sites.

  • How do I order the fencing?

    Just give us a call at 844-853-3867 and we can get you all setup for delivery.

  • What is temporary construction fencing?

    Temporary construction fencing, also known as temporary barricades or construction barriers, is a crucial safety measure used on construction sites to protect workers, pedestrians, and nearby properties. These fences are typically made of lightweight, yet sturdy materials such as plastic or metal, and are designed to be easily installed and removed as needed.

    The use of temporary construction fencing is mandated by many local and national safety regulations, as it helps prevent accidents and incidents on construction sites. For example, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) in the United States requires that all construction sites have adequate fencing and signage to warn people of potential hazards.

    There are several types of temporary construction fencing available, each designed for specific purposes. For instance, there are fences that are meant to keep pedestrians away from construction sites, while others are used to create barriers around trenches or other hazardous areas. Some temporary construction fencing is also equipped with gates to allow for easy access to the construction site for workers and equipment.

    One of the main advantages of using temporary construction fencing is that it can be easily moved and repositioned as needed. This flexibility is important on construction sites, where the layout and configuration of the site can change frequently. Temporary construction fencing can also be easily customized with signs and other visual aids to provide additional information and warning to people in the area.

    Another benefit of temporary construction fencing is that it is typically much less expensive than permanent fencing options. This is because temporary construction fencing is designed to be used for a limited time and can be easily disassembled and stored when not in use. This makes it an ideal solution for construction companies that need to secure their sites on a budget.

    In addition to providing safety and security, temporary construction fencing can also be used for aesthetic purposes. Many temporary construction fencing options are available in a variety of colors and designs, which can help to improve the appearance of a construction site. This can be especially important in urban areas, where construction sites are often visible to the public.

    Overall, temporary construction fencing is a vital safety measure that plays a crucial role in protecting workers, pedestrians, and nearby properties on construction sites. By providing a physical barrier and visual warning, temporary construction fencing helps to prevent accidents and incidents, making construction sites safer for everyone involved.

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