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Mobile Office Trailer Rentals

At Prime Dumpster, we provide top-notch mobile office facilitation services designed to meet the diverse operational needs of businesses across various industries. Whether for construction sites, temporary project offices, or special events, our range of mobile office trailers offers the flexibility and convenience necessary for a dynamic work environment. We offer a variety of sizes and configurations such as mobile office trailers ranging from 36 x 10 feet to 60 x 12 feet, with optional restroom facilities.

Mobile Office Trailer Options

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Mobile Office Trailer 36 x 10

Best for Construction sites, Temporary project command centers, Large events where on-the-ground administrative operations are required, Film sets, Festival VIP areas

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Mobile Office Trailer 36 x 10 w/ Restroom

Best for Construction sites, Disaster relief operations, Large-scale outdoor events

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Mobile Office Trailer 44 x 10

Best for Large construction project, Event coordination, Temporary corporate offices

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Mobile Office Trailer 44 x 10 w/ Restroom

Best for Large construction sites, Major events, Temporary office during corporate relocations or renovations

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Mobile Office Trailer 50 x 10

Best for Extensive projects, Large construction sites, Emergency management operations, Big events

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Mobile Office Trailer 50 x 10 w/ Restroom

Best for Construction sites, Long-term event grounds, Temporary work places, Film sets, Camp grounds

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Mobile Office Trailer 60 x 12

Best for Large-scale construction projects, Temporary corporate offices, Temporary educational facilities or classrooms

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Mobile Office Trailer 60 x 12 w/ Restroom

Best for Long-term construction projects, Extensive event operations, Temporary corporate office space

Types of Mobile Office Trailer Services

Prime Dumpster specializes in offering a wide array of mobile office trailers to suit various business needs and project scales. Our trailers are designed to provide immediate, flexible, and comfortable working conditions.

The compact 36 x 10 mobile office trailer is an excellent choice for small teams needing a dedicated workspace that is both functional and easy to place in any location.

Adding a restroom to the 36 x 10 mobile office trailer enhances convenience and comfort, allowing for longer periods of productivity without the need to leave the office environment for basic needs.

Our 44 x 10 mobile office trailers offer more space and are suitable for larger project teams or for those requiring extra equipment and storage space within their office layout.

The addition of a restroom in this slightly larger trailer ensures that your team can maintain a high level of efficiency and comfort, a necessity for sites without nearby facilities.

Ideal for substantial operational needs, the 50 x 10 mobile office trailer provides ample space for meetings, workspace, and storage, making it a versatile option for various applications.

Incorporating a restroom into this large trailer adds an element of comfort and convenience, crucial for maintaining a productive work environment on remote sites.

Our most extensive offering, the 60 x 12 mobile office trailer, is designed for significant projects, accommodating larger teams and providing enough room for multiple office functions.

This version includes all the benefits of our largest trailer with the added feature of a restroom, ensuring maximum convenience and efficiency for your team on any site.

Benefits of Mobile Office Trailers Services

Mobile office trailers from Prime Dumpster offer numerous benefits that can transform how your operations are conducted on temporary sites.

  1. Versatility: These offices can be easily relocated and set up in new locations, providing great flexibility for projects that might move or expand.
  2. Cost-Effective: Compared to building permanent structures, mobile office trailers are a more economical solution for temporary or shifting work sites.
  3. Efficiency: Having an on-site office reduces the time lost in transit and increases the coordination of on-site activities, thereby boosting overall project efficiency.

The convenience and functionality of mobile office trailers make them an excellent choice for businesses looking to maintain productivity in various settings.

Why Partner With Prime Dumpster?

When you choose Prime Dumpster Incorporated for your mobile office needs, you’re not just renting a space; you’re gaining a partner dedicated to ensuring your operational success.


Expertise and Experience

With years of experience in the industry, our team is equipped to provide insights and support tailored to your specific needs.


High-Quality Standards

We ensure that all our mobile office trailers are well-maintained and equipped with necessary amenities to provide a comfortable and productive work environment.



We offer customization options for our trailers, allowing you to create the ideal setup for your team’s requirements.

Choosing Prime Dumpster means opting for reliability, efficiency, and expert support tailored to enhance your project’s success.

Contact Prime Dumpster Today

Ready to boost your operational capacity with a high-quality mobile office trailer? Contact Prime Dumpster today to explore our versatile options and find the perfect fit for your project needs. Whether it’s a small site office or a large-scale operational hub, we have the mobile office solutions to keep your team productive and your operations smooth. Call us now to receive a personalized quote and consultation from our experts!

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Mobile office trailers are often equipped with standard power hookups and can be configured with internet and phone connectivity options depending on your requirements.

We arrange for delivery and setup according to your desired rental period, and depends on your location and the specifics of the site where the trailer will be installed.

Yes, we offer a range of additional services. Ask our team about what other services we have available.

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