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    3 Yard Commercial Dumpster Rentals

    Prime Dumpster’s 3 yard commercial dumpsters are an excellent choice for smaller commercial properties looking for a reliable and discreet waste management solution. These dumpsters are perfect for businesses with limited space but slightly higher waste disposal needs compared to the smallest options. Built from robust materials, we offer 3 yard dumpsters that efficiently handle regular waste volumes from small to medium-sized businesses, ensuring a clean and organized environment.

    Perfect for


    Typically 4 feet high, 3.5 feet wide, and 6 feet long

    Approximately 3 cubic yards

    Up to 600 lbs of waste

    Corrosion-resistant steel

    Front load access

    Customizable rental schedules

    Reliable waste collection services available

    *Specifications may vary based on model and location

    With Prime Dumpster, your business can benefit from a waste management solution that not only meets your disposal needs but also fits seamlessly into your commercial space. Our 3 yard dumpsters are managed with professionalism and care, ensuring your premises remain clean and functional without the burden of waste management logistics.

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    2 yard commercial dumpsters are designed to provide businesses with a compact and efficient waste management solution. These dumpsters are perfect for managing the waste needs of small businesses, offices, and commercial spaces with limited available space. Built to be both durable and convenient, we offer 2 yard dumpsters supporting regular waste disposal without overwhelming your property.
    4 yard commercial dumpsters are tailored for small to medium-sized businesses requiring a robust and versatile waste management solution. These dumpsters are compact enough to fit in limited spaces yet provide ample capacity for the waste generated by busier small businesses, offices, restaurants, and apartment complexes. Constructed from heavy-duty steel, our 4 Yard dumpsters are designed to handle the demands of frequent use while maintaining a clean and professional appearance.
    6 yard commercial dumpsters are designed to meet the waste management needs of medium-sized businesses with higher waste production. These dumpsters offer a larger capacity, ideal for handling the increased waste output from medium-sized businesses that generate a significant amount of waste regularly. Constructed with durability in mind, we offer 6 yard dumpsters that are built from heavy-duty steel to withstand frequent use and various waste materials, ensuring a reliable and effective waste management solution.
    8 yard commercial dumpsters are the largest of our regularly offered bins, specifically designed to accommodate the waste management requirements of larger businesses and commercial facilities. The 8 yard dumpster is perfect for large-scale businesses that need a robust waste management system. This dumpster size is especially suitable for businesses with ample space for waste collection and those who require a large capacity to handle weekly waste efficiently. Crafted from durable steel, we offer 8 Yard dumpsters that can withstand the rigors of heavy use while providing a reliable and efficient waste disposal solution

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