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    Self Contained Waste Compactors

    Prime Dumpster’s self contained waste compactors are engineered to efficiently manage both solid and liquid waste, making them ideal for applications where sanitation and leak prevention are critical. These compactors integrate the compaction unit with the container, encapsulating waste to prevent spillage and contamination. These compactors are best used in environments where the waste includes substantial amounts of liquids or where hygiene is paramount. They effectively reduce hauling frequencies and costs by minimizing the volume of the waste while containing leaks and odors.

    Perfect for


    From 10 cubic yards to 35 cubic yards

    Up to 25 tons

    Requires 208/230/460 volt, three-phase power supply

    High-quality steel and  a sealed container to prevent leakage

    Safety interlocks, key-operated controls, and emergency stop mechanisms

    Automatic cycle control 

    Designed with a liquid-tight seal

    Various loading options such as through-the-wall, ground-feed, or dock-feed systems

    Easy access panels for service and maintenance

    Complete installation services provided

    *Specifications may vary based on model and location

    With Prime Dumpster’s self contained compactors, businesses can effectively manage their waste disposal needs, ensuring a clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly operation. These compactors are designed to meet the toughest demands of waste management, providing reliable and long-lasting solutions to keep your premises clean and compliant with all relevant health and safety regulations.

    Related Products

    Breakaway waste compactors are designed to offer superior waste management solutions for businesses and facilities producing large quantities of waste. These compactors are robust and efficient, significantly reducing the volume of waste by compacting it at the source, which leads to fewer pickups and reduced disposal costs. Constructed to withstand heavy-duty use, breakaway compactors are best used in environments where waste volume reduction is essential. They are particularly effective in locations that generate large amounts of compactable waste, such as cardboard, mixed paper, and general refuse, helping to keep the surrounding area clean and uncluttered.

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