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How Much Does Your Concrete Weigh?

How to Determine the Weight of Concrete

Calculating the weight of concrete is a straightforward process that requires knowledge of the concrete’s volume and density. Concrete’s density can vary based on its composition, but a standard value is approximately 150 pounds per cubic foot (2,400 kg/m³). Whether you’re calculating by cubic yard or cubic foot, this density figure is key to obtaining an accurate weight estimate.

Concrete Weight Calculator

Calculating Weight by Cubic Foot

To calculate the weight of concrete by cubic foot, use the following formula:

Weight (lbs)=Volume (ft3)×Density (lbs/ft3)Weight (lbs)=Volume (ft3)×Density (lbs/ft3)

For example, if you have a concrete slab that is 1 foot by 1 foot by 1 foot (or 1 cubic foot in volume), the calculation would be:

1 ft3×150 lbs/ft3=150 lbs1 ft3×150 lbs/ft3=150 lbs

Calculating Weight by Cubic Yard

Since one cubic yard is equal to 27 cubic feet (3 feet by 3 feet by 3 feet), the weight of concrete per cubic yard can be calculated by converting the volume in cubic yards to cubic feet and then applying the density.

Weight (lbs)=Volume (yd3)×27×Density (lbs/ft3)Weight (lbs)=Volume (yd3)×27×Density (lbs/ft3)

Using the standard density of 150 pounds per cubic foot, the weight of one cubic yard of concrete would be:

1 yd3×27×150 lbs/ft3=4,050 lbs1 yd3×27×150 lbs/ft3=4,050 lbs

This calculation is particularly useful for larger projects where concrete is measured in cubic yards, providing a quick way to estimate the total weight of concrete needed for disposal.

Practical Application

Understanding these calculations is crucial for selecting the right dumpster size for concrete disposal. For instance, if a project involves the removal of a concrete driveway measuring 10 cubic yards, the total weight of the concrete can be estimated as:

10 yd3×27×150 lbs/ft3=40,500 lbs10 yd3×27×150 lbs/ft3=40,500 lbs

This precise weight estimation helps in choosing a dumpster that can safely accommodate the heavy load, ensuring compliance with transportation regulations and preventing overage fees.

How Much Does My Concrete Weigh?

The weight of concrete can vary significantly based on its composition and the presence of reinforcements or additives. However, a standard cubic yard of concrete (which is 3 feet long, 3 feet wide, and 3 feet high) typically weighs about 4,050 pounds, or 2.025 tons. This standard density is crucial for planning the removal and recycling of concrete debris, as it directly impacts the size of the dumpster required for efficient waste management.

How Much Concrete Can Go in a Dumpster?

The capacity of a dumpster to hold concrete waste is determined by its size and the dumpster’s weight limit. Prime Dumpster offers a variety of dumpster sizes, each designed to accommodate different project scales and weight constraints.

  1. 10-yard dumpster: These calculators help pinpoint the dumpster size needed, preventing overflow issues or the need for multiple waste pickups.

It’s important to consult with Prime Dumpster to choose the most appropriate dumpster size, ensuring compliance with weight limits and maximizing cost efficiency.


Special dumpsters are required for concrete due to its weight. Prime Dumpster provides dumpsters specifically designed for heavy materials like concrete.

Divide the shape into smaller regular shapes, calculate each one’s volume, and sum them up for the total volume.

Recycled concrete can be just as efficient for certain uses, like road base materials, offering an eco-friendly alternative.

This depends on the dumpster’s size and weight limit. Our concrete weight calculator can assist in estimating safe disposal quantities.

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