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Handwashing Station Rentals

At Prime Dumpster, we understand the importance of maintaining hygiene and comfort at your event or worksite. That’s why we offer comprehensive handwashing station rentals to complement our porta potty rentals. Ensuring your guests or workers have access to clean and convenient facilities is paramount. Here’s how we can help

Handwashing Station Rental Options

2 basin handwash stations are designed to provide convenient and accessible handwashing facilities in locations where permanent setups are not available. These stations are best used at large gatherings, food service areas, or construction sites where high levels of cleanliness and sanitation are crucial. They facilitate easy handwashing, helping to prevent the spread of germs and enhancing overall public health. Each unit is self-contained, easy to use, and requires no plumbing, ensuring effective handwashing capabilities wherever needed.
4 basin handwash stations are designed to meet the hygiene needs of high-traffic areas. It is best used in environments where large crowds gather and require quick and easy access to handwashing facilities. It is especially useful at events involving food consumption, health activities, or any situation where public health is a priority. This station features four separate basins, allowing multiple users to wash their hands simultaneously, thus improving efficiency and reducing wait times. Each unit is fully self-contained, with no need for external water connections, making it ideal for settings where traditional facilities are unavailable.

Hand Washing Station Rentals to Suit Your Needs

Adequate hand washing facilities can dramatically increase the level of hygiene at your event or project site. These stations are particularly vital in settings where food is served, where children are present, or where large crowds gather. They help to reduce the transmission of common pathogens such as norovirus and influenza, which can quickly become widespread in closely populated areas if proper hygiene practices are not encouraged.

Hand washing station rentals come in different models with different features. Tell us what features you want and we will find a model that fits your needs. Below are some basic features you can often find in hand washing stations


Dual SinksSome stations come equipped with two sinks, allowing multiple users at the same time, which reduces queues and improves efficiency
Foot Operated PumpsTo maximize hygiene, some stations feature foot-operated pumps that eliminate the need to touch surfaces with hands, minimizing the spread of germs.
Soap DispensersFully stocked liquid soap dispensers ensure everyone can thoroughly wash their hands
Paper Towel DispensersSome stations include a paper towel dispenser, providing a way to dry hands after washing
Waste Water TanksSeparate waste water tanks keep the system clean and hygienic
Optional Add-OnsAlcohol-based hand sanitizers, additional mirrors, and more can be included upon request.

*Specifications may vary based on model and location

Handwashing Stations for All Occasions

Whether you’re organizing a festival, construction project, wedding, or any large gathering, our hand washing station rentals are a perfect fit. They are especially recommended for food serving areas or to accompany porta potty rentals to promote health and safety standards.

Prime Dumpster partners with top vendors to provide handwashing stations that can be customized to fit the scale and specific requirements of any event or project. We offer flexible rental periods, from short-term single-day events to long-term construction projects, ensuring that all hand washing needs are met regardless of the duration or complexity of your situation

Service Details

Renting a handwashing station with Prime Dumpster is remarkably easy and efficient. We streamline the rental process to ensure that you can secure the necessary hygiene facilities with minimal hassle. Simply contact us with your event or project details, and we’ll handle the rest—from selecting the right equipment to arranging timely delivery and setup. 

Our team is committed to providing prompt, reliable service, allowing you to focus on other aspects of your event planning or project management while we take care of the sanitation logistics

  1. Delivery and Setup: Our experienced team will handle the delivery and setup of the hand washing stations at your specified locations.
  2. Regular Maintenance: Depending on the duration of your rental, we offer scheduled maintenance services which include restocking of soap and paper towels, as well as cleaning and sanitization of the stations.
  3. Flexible Rental Periods: We offer various rental period options ranging from a single day to long-term needs.
  4. Compliance and Safety: Our hand washing stations comply with all local health and safety regulations, ensuring you meet necessary hygiene standards.
  5. Eco-Friendly Options: We provide eco-friendly products including biodegradable soap and recycled paper towels upon request.

Why Choose Prime Dumpster?

Choosing Prime Dumpster for your sanitation needs means selecting a partner dedicated to excellence and customer satisfaction. We stand out in the waste management facilitation industry due to our extensive network of trusted vendors, allowing us to provide a wide array of high-quality, reliable options tailored to meet the specific needs of any project or event.

Our commitment to customer service is unwavering, with a focus on flexibility, responsiveness, and attention to detail. Whether you’re planning a large festival or managing a construction site, Prime Dumpster ensures that all logistical and regulatory aspects of sanitation are handled efficiently, so you can achieve a successful and hygienic outcome every time.



With plenty of experience in waste management, we ensure timely delivery and impeccable service.



We prioritize cleanliness and hygiene, especially in times where it is most critical.


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Our dedicated team is always ready to assist you with your specific needs, offering personalized solutions and 24/7 support.

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Prime Dumpster is dedicated to enhancing the sanitation facilities at your event or project site with the highest quality handwashing station rentals available. Our expertise in coordinating with trusted providers ensures that you receive the best possible solution tailored to your needs. 

Contact us today to learn more about how we can help facilitate the essential services you require for your next event or construction project. Don’t compromise on hygiene—let us help you ensure that your site is as clean and safe as possible. Reach out now to arrange the best in portable hand washing solutions!

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