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Shower Trailer Rentals

At Prime Dumpster, we understand the necessity of portable sanitation solutions that are both dependable and versatile. Our comprehensive range of shower trailer services are designed to meet the diverse needs of our clients, whether for large events, construction sites, temporary housing, or disaster relief efforts. We offer an array of shower trailer solutions including single shower trailers, 2 stall shower trailers, 6 stall shower trailers, and 8 stall shower trailer options.

Shower Trailer Rental Options​

Single shower shower trailer provides a private and comfortable shower experience, ideal for locations where permanent facilities are unavailable. This trailer is designed with functionality and user comfort in mind, featuring a full-service shower setup within a compact and easy-to-manage unit. The Single Shower Shower Trailer is best utilized in scenarios where individuals need access to private and clean showering facilities temporarily. This could be during events, on construction sites, at festivals, or in disaster relief operations where traditional bathing options are not feasible.
2 stall shower trailers provide a convenient and comfortable solution for mobile showering needs, accommodating multiple users simultaneously. This trailer is specially designed for venues where temporary or additional shower facilities are needed, featuring two separate shower stalls with complete privacy. The 2 stall shower trailer is particularly useful in settings that require quick deployment of efficient and private showering facilities. It serves well in outdoor event locations, disaster relief areas, or any site requiring a rapid setup of essential amenities.
6 stall shower trailers are specifically designed to accommodate large groups needing access to comfortable and private showering facilities simultaneously. Equipped with six individual shower stalls, each with its own private entry, the trailer facilitates efficient flow and maximizes usability, ensuring no guest has to wait long for a shower.
8 stall shower trailers are designed to offer exceptional showering facilities for large groups, providing ample space and privacy. This high-capacity trailer features eight individual shower stalls, each with its own private entry, ensuring efficient and comfortable conditions for users. The trailer is particularly valuable in scenarios where many individuals require access to personal and private bathing facilities.

Types of Shower Trailer Services

Prime Dumpster offers a variety of shower trailer facilitation services to ensure that your specific needs are met with the highest standards of convenience and comfort.

Our single shower trailer is perfect for small sites or events, providing a private and convenient showering facility. This compact unit is ideal for personal use or as an additional amenity to supplement larger facilities.

The 2 stall shower trailer is designed for small to medium-sized groups, offering two separate shower stalls within one unit. This trailer allows multiple users to access the facilities simultaneously, maximizing efficiency while maintaining privacy.

For larger events or sites, our 6 stall shower trailer offers an excellent solution. With six individual stalls, this trailer can accommodate higher traffic, making it perfect for festivals, campgrounds, or emergency situations where many need access to hygiene facilities quickly.

Our largest option, the 8 stall shower trailer, is specifically tailored for very high usage environments. It provides eight separate shower stalls, making it highly efficient for big events, extensive gatherings, or as a temporary installation in large camps or relief areas.

Benefits of Shower Trailer Services

Choosing the right shower trailer service brings several advantages, ensuring comfort and efficiency are maintained regardless of the location or situation:

  1. Hygiene and Sanitation: Our trailers are meticulously maintained and equipped with sanitary facilities to promote health and hygiene.
  2. Convenience: Easily deployed and set up, these trailers provide immediate access to shower facilities where permanent solutions are not feasible.
  3. Privacy and Comfort: Designed with privacy in mind, each stall is securely enclosed, offering users a comfortable and private space to refresh.
  4. Flexibility: With various sizes and configurations available, our trailers can cater to a range of needs and event sizes, ensuring you always have the right fit for your crowd.

Why Partner With Prime Dumpster?

Partnering with Prime Dumpster for your shower trailer needs ensures that you receive premium service and reliable products, all tailored to your specific requirements.


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We pride ourselves on the reliability of our service partners, ensuring that shower trailers are well-maintained and ready to go when you need them.


Custom Solutions

We understand that each client’s needs are unique, which is why we offer customizable services to match.

Choosing Prime Dumpster means choosing peace of mind, knowing that your sanitation needs are in good hands

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Shower trailers can be used in a variety of settings, including construction sites, outdoor festivals, emergency relief areas, and temporary housing projects.

Shower trailers undergo thorough cleaning and sanitation processes before and after each use to ensure they meet the highest standards of hygiene and functionality.

Absolutely! We offer various customization options to ensure that the trailers meet the specific requirements of your event or site.

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