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    2 Stall Shower Trailers

    Prime Dumpster’s 2 stall shower trailer provides a convenient and comfortable solution for mobile showering needs, accommodating multiple users simultaneously. This trailer is specially designed for venues where temporary or additional shower facilities are needed, featuring two separate shower stalls with complete privacy. The 2 stall shower trailer is particularly useful in settings that require quick deployment of efficient and private showering facilities. It serves well in outdoor event locations, disaster relief areas, or any site requiring a rapid setup of essential amenities.

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    Typically 16 feet long, 8 feet wide, and 10 feet high

    Features two separate shower stalls, each with its own private changing area and sink with a vanity mirror

    Each stall includes an adjustable hot and cold water shower, low-flow shower head, and a secure locking door

    Integrated water tanks for fresh water and greywater, with capacity sufficient for numerous showers; optional hookups for direct water and sewer connection

    Each unit is equipped to maintain a comfortable temperature inside the trailer

    Constructed from high-quality, moisture-resistant materials

    Built-in ventilation fans in each stall to reduce humidity and enhance air quality

    Requires an electrical hookup to support heating, cooling, and water heating systems

    Non-slip floors, safety grab bars, and waterproof interior

    Quick and easy to set up; designed for stability and easy access

    Includes delivery, setup, and removal.

    *Specifications may vary based on model and location

    Prime Dumpster’s 2 stall shower trailer is designed to provide reliable, private, and comfortable showering facilities wherever they are needed. With its robust build and thoughtful features, it meets the hygiene needs of guests, workers, or residents efficiently, enhancing the overall experience at any site.

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