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    Deluxe with Sink Portable Toilets

    Prime Dumpster’s deluxe with sink portable toilets offer an upgraded experience in portable sanitation solutions. These units are designed to provide superior comfort and convenience, featuring a built-in handwashing sink to promote better hygiene. Made with high-quality materials, our deluxe toilets are robust and easy to maintain, making them perfect for events where a higher standard of sanitation is desired, such as weddings, corporate functions, and public gatherings.

    Perfect for


    Typically 47 inches wide by 47 inches deep by 91 inches high

    High-density polyethylene

    65-gallon waste tank and a 22-gallon freshwater tank for the sink

    Enhanced venting system

    Spring-loaded door with an in-use lock and occupancy indicator for added privacy

    Includes a toilet seat with lid, urinal, dual-roll toilet paper holder, and a foot-operated sink with soap and paper towel dispensers

    Chemical additives in the waste tank to control odor and promote sanitation

    Comprehensive cleaning, maintenance, and restocking services available to ensure hygienic conditions throughout the rental period.

    *Specifications may vary based on model and location

    With Prime Dumpster’s deluxe with sink portable toilets, you can provide your guests or workers with a premium sanitation facility that enhances both comfort and hygiene. These units are an excellent choice for any event planner or site manager looking to offer top-tier amenities in outdoor or remote environments.

    Deluxe Porta Potty With Sink interior Image

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    Standard unit portable toilets are a fundamental solution for providing clean and convenient sanitation facilities at any location. These units are designed to meet the basic needs for comfort and hygiene in environments where permanent facilities are not feasible. Constructed with durability and ease of use in mind, we offer portable toilets that are perfect for outdoor events, construction sites, and festivals, ensuring guests and workers have access to essential amenities.
    Deluxe flushable portable toilets bring the comforts of indoor restrooms to outdoor environments. These units feature a flushable toilet system, closely mimicking the traditional plumbing experience, and are equipped with a fresh water supply to ensure a clean and satisfying user experience. Built from robust materials, we offer flushable toilets that are designed to meet the higher expectations of guests.
    Handicap accessible portable toilets are designed to provide superior accessibility and comfort for users with disabilities. These units feature wider doors, ample interior space, and ramp access to ensure ease of use and safety. Constructed from durable materials, we offer accessible toilets that are ideal for any event or site that values inclusivity.
    ADA handicap portable toilets are designed to meet the stringent requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act, offering maximum accessibility and comfort for users with disabilities. These toilets provide ample interior space, ground-level access, and safety features like grab bars, making them a vital facility for any public event, workplace, or location committed to inclusivity.
    Towable unit portable toilets provide a flexible and convenient sanitation solution for locations that require mobility. These units are designed to be easily towed to and positioned at various sites, making them perfect for events that move between locations, construction sites, or any setting where stationary toilets are impractical. Built with durability and mobility in mind, these units ensure access to clean and comfortable restroom facilities wherever they are needed.
    Crane unit portable toilets are specifically designed for use in high-rise construction projects and other locations where toilets need to be lifted by crane to elevated or inaccessible areas. These units are built with integrated lifting hooks that allow for secure and easy attachment to cranes, making them ideal for ensuring that sanitation facilities reach even the most challenging sites. Made from durable materials, these units can withstand the rigors of being hoisted and moved frequently, providing reliable service wherever needed.
    Solar unit portable toilets are at the forefront of eco-friendly sanitation solutions, utilizing solar power to enhance functionality and comfort. These innovative units feature solar panels that power internal lighting and optional features such as ventilation fans or even small water pumps. Designed for sustainability and efficiency, the solar unit toilets provide a cleaner, more pleasant user experience while reducing the environmental impact at events, remote sites, and construction areas.

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