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How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Porta Potty
  • Published May 30, 2024

How Much Does It Cost To Rent A Porta Potty

Porta potties can be rented for many events, such as concerts and weddings. Are you thinking about getting one? Here’s what you need to know about the cost of porta potties. On average, renting a porta potty costs around $300 a week. This includes the delivery and pickup of the unit. Prices can change based on where you are, how long you need it, and type of porta potty.

If you need a deluxe porta potty with more features, the price goes up. For big events, consider a restroom trailer that has several stalls. Although they cost more, they offer a better experience for your guests. Longer rental periods or signing a contract for construction projects can lower the price. To find out how much it would cost for you, talk to Prime Dumpster. We offer trusted porta potty rental services at good prices.

Cost To Rent A Porta Potty

Factors Affecting the Cost of Porta Potties

Several things can change the price when you rent a porta potty. By knowing these factors, you can get the right price for what you need. Let’s dig into what makes porta potty prices go up or down.


Where you need the porta potty affects porta potty pricing . Prices might be higher in busy places than quiet ones. Think about this when you’re figuring out how much it will cost.


If there aren’t many porta potties available near you, prices could be high. This happens when many people need them. When more porta potties are around, you might find a better deal. Keep this in mind as you plan.

Length of Rental

How long you need the porta potty can change the porta john cost. Renting for a short time can cost more per day than a longer rent. Think about your time frame to manage costs.


Some places might need special permission to set up porta potties. Getting these permits can cost money. Check with local rules and event planners to see if this applies to you.

Maintenance Fees

Keeping porta potties clean can also affect portable toilet rental prices. Companies add these maintenance fees to rentals. These temporary restroom rental fees are something to include in your budget planning.

Rental prices can look different depending on the company and your needs. Make sure to talk about your specific plans with rental companies. This way, you can get a price that fits your budget and your needs perfectly.

Porta Potty Costs

Types of Porta Potties and their Costs

When looking into porta potty rentals, you’ll find many options. Each type serves different needs. Knowing the cost of porta potties and features can help you choose well for your event or project.

Standard Porta Potty

The most straightforward porta potty is the standard type. It comes with a toilet, urinal, toilet paper dispenser, and hand sanitizer.

Deluxe Options

Want something more than basic? Deluxe porta potties offer extra comfort. For example, sinks with clean water, hand towels, and soap. These are great for events where you want to offer guests a finer experience.

Restroom Trailers

If you need more than one toilet, consider restroom trailers. They work well for big events and offer a  more private upscale experience for guests.

Think about your event’s size and the level of comfort needed when picking a porta potty. Remember, the portable sanitation unit expenses can change based on where you are, what’s available, and any extra services you choose.

Porta Potty TypeAmenities
StandardToilet, urinal, toilet paper dispenser, hand sanitizer dispenser
Deluxe (Flush Plus)Interior lighting, fresh water sinks, hand towels, soap
Restroom Trailer (2 stalls)Multiple stalls, separate male and female sections, additional amenities

Additional Options for Portable Restrooms

Aside from the standard porta potties and restroom trailers, our company offers extra options. These make the portable restroom experience better for all kinds of events and places.


Urinals are perfect for quick, efficient use. They are great for busy locations, cutting down on wait times.


Adding sinks to our portable restrooms means guests can wash their hands with running water. This makes handwashing easier and promotes better hygiene.

Construction Units

Our sturdy construction units come in various colors, construction site toilet rental rates, and meet safety standards. They are tough enough for construction sites yet offer comfort and functionality.

Special Event Units

Special event units feature mirrors, shelves, hooks, and sanitizer. They offer extra comfort and convenience for a variety of special occasions. Outdoor event bathroom rental costs vary, suiting a range of budgets.

VIP Trailers

For a high-end portable restroom experience, our VIP trailers are perfect. They have luxury finishes, spacious designs, and amenities for upscale events.

At Prime Dumpster, we know every event and place is unique. That’s why we provide many extra options to suit different portable toilet event planning costs. Whether you need urinals, sinks, or even VIP trailers, we can help. Contact us to talk about your needs and we’ll find the best portable restroom solution for you.

Porta Potty Rental Prices in Different Regions

The price of porta potty rentals can change a lot. It depends on where you are, how often the service is needed, and how easy it is to get to the location. It’s important to think about these things when figuring out how much it will cost to rent for your event or job.

In big cities, the price will be higher on average. Oklahoma and other places with lower living costs have cheaper rentals. There, you could find lower priced rentals for standard or handicap accessible porta potties. This makes them a good deal for tight budgets.

Porta Potty Price

Events like festivals have their own set of costs. For a weekend, you might pay for units that can serve more people. These units have extra perks like sinks and hand sanitizer for clean hands.

For those who want a fancy potty experience, VIP luxury trailers are an option for porta john rentals. These trailers are almost like real bathrooms and can cost significantly more for a weekend. The final price will depend on the features and design you choose.

Remember, the outdoor wedding porta potty costs and other price points we talked about are just to give you an idea. The actual cost for you might differ, especially considering your specific location and needs. Get a price for porta potties near me that fits your situation by getting in touch with Prime Dumpster for a personalized quote.

Cost of Portable Toilets Near You

When renting a porta potty, you need to think about a few things. Where it will be used, how long you’ll need it, and what extra features you want all determine the cost of porta potties. Prime Dumpster has many porta potty options available. You can choose from basic models to high-end options with special features, even including sinks and urinals.

Prime Dumpster will give you a personalized price based on your needs. We aim to provide great porta potty service that fits your budget and meets your expectations. Don’t go for low-quality portable toilets. Instead, pick Prime Dumpster for a smooth and dependable rental service.

For all porta potty rentals, you can count on Prime Dumpster. Get in touch to talk about what you need and get a custom quote. We’re excited to help make your events and outdoor activities comfortable and clean.

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